Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Karasu Tengu: sneak peak

Currently on the desk. Karasu Tengu: This is a companion piece to the Forest Tengu kit. In the event you are totally unaware: Tengu are Japanese forest deities featured predominately in Yamabushi folklore, they are one of the more well known yōkai (spirits/ Monsters).

Resin kits on the way.

The next sculpt working it's way into resin form will be Nio Agyo. Please check back for updates.

Forest Tengu Resin kits

Forest Tengu Resin kits are being finalized. $100 shipping included for domestic sales, (international buyers please contact us for shipping). Contact us at Paypal preferred.
Moving forward this will be the primary update and store front for all Scott M. Thomas related art and products.